Oh You Are Going To Thank Me for Some Giggles After This One

Have I got a treat for you today! I have a severe case of Pareidolia – and always have. So you don’t have to go to Google and look it up, it is the phenomenon when you see a face (usually with an expression) in inanimate objects. Like those car grills where I always see eyes and mouths- and which Disney capitalized on with the making of the Cars movies.

At first I thought this quirk was rare, and that it was just my overactive imagination because I see a LOT of faces everywhere. Then, upon reading more about Pareidolia, I find out that most of us look for faces in things, just like I do.

You may see a stone wall, I see all kinds of faces in it. Those carpet patterns you admire, I find the facial expressions hidden within. Even the tiniest thing can have a mouth and eyes as far as I am concerned. I am always noticing these.

This is not EXACTLY the same as finding Donald Trump on a Cheetoh, or the Virgin Mary in your toast. But it’s close.

Some are fun, others extremely funny. And wait for it, here’s the link to a hilarious blog with tons of funny photos that are examples of this phenomenon. I will copy a few right on my blog here to give you a taste, and then you have to go to that site for a bigger laugh.




Now try to tell me they did not make you smile!

Anyway, here is the whole set, not all as hilarious as these, but check it out. And if you have this quirk, like I do, let me know that I am not the only weirdo.



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