Running Away to Hawaii

Although I keep a very stiff upper lip, and a permanent smile on my face, I have been dealing with an overload of stress this year. It’s mostly due to parental caretaking and the stresses of my job and life, and added to my overload just recently, an unexpected 500 Year flood event in my home.  I usually always can combat the blues about stress quite successfully with a positive attitude.

Sometimes, sometimes though, I just want to run away. I’m only human after all, and when you lead a highly driven type A life, you can daydream a bit about chucking it all, along with all the stesses, and running off to live on a beach.

My fantasy is to run away from it all –  to Hawaii. That’s because I imagine that I can live without hardly any material possessions there with the perfect weather, perfect water, and perfect beaches. (Oh yes, I am an overgrown Gidget at heart) I’d just need a tiny trailer near the beach, a few bikinis (my Bikram yoga body will now allow these) and a sarong or two along with flip-flops.

I was discussing this with a friend, Vikki recently, and she looked at me – this Type A person that she is – and said she had the exact same fantasy, with the exact same thoughts about few possessions.

Another friend overheard us talking and told us both that we could never leave all our friends, and all the exciting “events” in our lives due to having all the friends. That’s probably true. I know for sure I couldn’t leave my family.

My husband didn’t think this was a bad idea, the hippie that he is, and he pointed out a recent article that we both read about a woman who chucked a six figure business suit income for life as a waitress on an island. That woman lived my fantasy!

Still, I LOVE my life here, my family, my friends. I could not sustain happiness without them, I know that.

So it is just that – a daydream, a fantasy, never to be. Yet I have a feeling there are quite a few of us out there harboring this same fantasy. Raise your hand for the Hawaii fantasy…

Here’s an old photo of me during my first vist to Hawaii.



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  • Go for a a visit, even an extended one, or get a time-share rather than hauling off and moving there.

  • Calgon……take me away…..with you, babe, only with you.

  • Arlene, you are so right! It is not the “stuff” of our busy, type A lives that we can’t live without it, it’s the people who are a part of our lives, our community. If we could just convince the rest of them to join us, we could be enjoying the simple joys of living on an island. Ah…. that’s where that saying came from!

  • My fantasy is to hand out the popsicles on the beach at the Four Seasons on the Big Island. I know exactly how you feel, Arlene!

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