Slim Away As Seen on TV product – Slim Chance of Getting It

So as I have posted before, I have an awful “As Seen on TV” product buying addiction. (my previous blog on this – you will enjoy reading and laugh- is posted right after this one.) I buy just about everything I see, and then most of it gets little use. I simply HAVE to have the product, as the clever marketers know how many people are suckers like me who buy the “best thing since sliced bread” sales pitch.

One of my favorite stores, Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBB as I refer to it though the Better Business Bureau has dibs on that one) has plenty of these products and other useless items that I seem to love and the best part is that I don’t have to pay shipping AND I get to use one of their 20 percent off coupons. SUCH A BARGAIN that it doesn’t even matter if I won’t be using the product for long.

I got my Pajama Jeans there for example, and 20 percent off is a substantial chunk off those things that I salivated over on TV for months. (They are not as great as they look on TV – they are too low cut for those of us who need high wasted “mom” jeans)

The latest product that they had was the Slim Away belt that you wear to lose INCHES off your belly and waist. They advertised it in the circular several weeks ago with yet another coupon.

Being menopausal and all, the belly has been an issue. I tried to return my spare tire to Firestone, but they don’t take back the kind on the belly.

Tired of the Spanx stuff, I have really been working on losing some belly weight. When I saw this product, I thought A-HA – my job will now be easier! I will simply wear this under my clothes every day, without anyone even knowing, and INCHES will MELT away while I am wearing it! What a deal for only $9.99 and no shipping and a 20 percent off coupon.

So off I went to get one. Except every other menopausal woman was also taking BBB up on this deal because they were SOLD OUT! They called a few stores and filled out a fancy form and said it will be delivered to my store in just a few days. So the belly melting would have to wait.

A week later, I hadn’t heard from BBB so I went there inquiring and showing them my fancy form. “Not in yet,” I was told.  “But it has been a week and it was just supposed to be a few days,” I protested. The cashier just shrugged. She obviously was way too young to understand the desperation of a menopausal woman.

10 days later I trekked back and guess what? It still had not arrived. I asked for the manager because I was about to have a menopausal temper tantrum.  I was a Slim Away Desperado at this point.

I started huffing, “This is my SECOND trip in and you STILL don’t have my product!”

He cut me off with just that one huff. He obviously has dealt with his share of both menopausal women AND Slim Away Desperadoes.

“I have good news and bad news,” he said. “The bad news is that you will have to wait another week because I am ordering it online for you. The good news is that it is free and will arrive at your door.”

I’ll let you know how it works!


  • I got mine at Ross for 6.99 .
    But it doesn’t fit too good. I don’t know if it comes in sizes but they should have put a zipped all the way to the end.
    It does make you sweat.
    I don’t think it helps your back though.
    And the zipper sticks. Like when you’re trying to zip it up.

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  • well did the slim away work for you?

    • Sort of – didn’t really commit to it like I should have but I am sweating away more when I wear it. It’s going to take a lot more than a Slim away at this point!

  • Iam a menopausal woman and I need a slimbelt too! where can i get it for 9.99

  • Have you gotten it yet? Curious minds…

  • So funny Arlene. Menopause + waiting, not a good idea BBB. There is hope. I doubt it will be shown on late night TV infomercials unless of course I get an injection of 7 figure cash, but there are things that work, no product necessary, you just need the right info. Information that is not attached to big biz, big pharma, or any other Big organization. I’m just sayin’.
    Love your writing and will be back.

  • One day, all these “As Seen On TV” things are gonna bring in a ton of money. However, I cannot estimate how many generations in the future it will be until these can be cashed in at the Antiques Roadshow. Or maybe, someone will open an “As Seen On TV” museum and we’ll have the largest cache of items in one place on the planet. Hmmm! If only we had more storage space? No, please stop! None of these things ever worked and they most certainly never will. This is an addiction. Free or doesn’t cost much is still an addiction. My wife is addicted to believing everything advertised. Gotta love her quirkiness.

  • mom come onnn, no way this works!!

  • oh, if only those menopausal women(and others like them with body issues) would embrace the teachings of Plus Size America who blog about size acceptance. We could learn to live without everything but cheesecake. Sigh..Now if we only truly believed it ourselves….double sigh….

    • I’ve spent the last three years complaining about my weight and running from Dr. to Dr. declaring ” It can’t possibly be what I’m eating”. Well guess what? It was. So save your money, join Weight Watchers and start going to the gym regularly. The combination of the two really works. The process is slow but the end result is worth it!

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