Snookie on the Well Paid College Lecture Circuit

I think that anyone who has read my blog once or twice knows how I feel about undeserved celebrity by reality stars like those on Jersey Shore.

They have made stars of so many otherwise undeserving people who now have money, fame, and the red carpet rolled out for them.

The entertainment magazines I read for years no longer appeal to me because many of the people they feature are from the Jersey Shore cast, the Hills etc. It’s not a generation gap as much as outrage at who is considered a celebrity and the poor role modeling they do for teens and youth.

Now it’s bad enough that I have to see admirable, smart young people having to work and struggle and put themselves through college while these peers on reality shows rake it in.

But it is totally unacceptable when mainstream organizations are paying them outrageous fees to make appearances – not because they are worthy of it, but because they are famous.

Rutgers University recently paid probably the most drunken, useless member of the Jersey Shore cast – the short combatant who has bar fights, gets drunk, and hostile named Snookie, $32,000 to speak at a college event.

Let’s do the math. That money could have instead gone to a scholarship to a needy, hard-working student. That money could have gone to bring a quality educational program to the students. But instead, the students got a talk by someone who can barely speak the English language, much less say anything intelligent or inspiring.

Imagine what she probably said:

“Hey youse guys, why don’t you go down to the Jersey shore this summer, get wasted drunk, hook up with lots of guys, and maybe you too can be as rich and famous as me.”

In fact, according to news sources, Rutgers paid less to a Nobel winning commencement speaker. Those Novel Prize winners are SO not SEXY!

We can’t do anything about the TV stations putting garbage like this on because they are making big bucks on them, but isn’t anyone willing to step forward to be the common sense of our society – especially higher education learning institutions – and say, we will not play into the fame and fortune game of these “stars” ┬áno matter how popular they become.

I can stop my magazine subscriptions, I can turn off my TV, but I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Who’s with me and what can we do to put an end to this madness?


  • Rutger University paid $32,000 for Snookie to speak ! They were snookered !
    (And we thought univerisities were for smart people?)

  • being so close to the Jersey shore was what I used to brag the most about when it comes to my home town. Snooki(and her heart over the “i”) has pretty much ruined that bragging right. She makes Tony Soprano look like a native as iconic and beloved as Einstein

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