Solution to Kids Needing More Exercise and Becoming Unplugged

Every once in a while, I come up with an idea so brilliant, I wonder why I am not a member of Mensa. I think of these ideas, and then I wonder why no one else has thought of this as it is a perfect solution to whatever situation I am thinking of it for.

But then I don’t do anything about it, let someone else figure it out to do, and then they make it, market it, or whatever, and then who is the smart one? Certainly not me.

So here once again, is one of my brilliant ideas that will provide the solution to teens today not getting enough exercise on a daily basis, and being too plugged into electronic devices. This also solves that pesky problem of letting kids explore the art of conversation, that isn’t driven by text messages, instant messaging, or emails. It involves actual talking to one another. Meeting one another IN PERSON.

We need to bring back the teen Malt Shop. You know the one – like Arnold’s from Happy Days, the diner in Back to the Future, the malt shop in Riverdale in those Archie comics or the one in the Patty Duke show that my age group grew up with. The one like Ozzy and Harriet, only Ricky Nelson wouldn’t be performing or singing. (Note: ooh I just love that Ricky Nelson-RIP– and his countrified love songs that were pop hits, even though he was technically before my time.) Three links for you to remember him!

The Malt Shop era was before my time. There were no places with big jukeboxes and kids dancing in my era; we just missed out on it as I graduated high school in the early seventies. These were a staple in the fifties and sixties, and sadly ended before my time.

So this study just came out about teens not getting enough exercise. (Duh.) We have seen study after study that they are too plugged in. They even have apps to meet and date people! They can’t converse. This is a real societal problem.

I know teens still love pop music. I see them at concerts and they love new and some old stuff. They would dance their little hearts out if they had a hangout place to dance, have a soda, and socialize with other kids. Phones, laptops and other devices would not be allowed – they would have to be stowed. Can you imagine this? This would work so well for today’s teens.

I was discussing this at dinner with some friends and they just thought I was being a bit crazy and not taking me seriously, but they had a bunch of laughs over my elaborate and passionate pitch. One even suggested letting the Kardashians be the first ones (those two younger K’s whose names I refuse to know) to go to one. The trend would immediately be set on fire! Malt Shops wouldn’t be able to open fast enough to keep up with the demand if those Kardashians showed them the way. (Wait, aren’t they Jenners? Well- you know who I mean, even if I refuse to actually know them myself.)

YES I AM SERIOUS! An hour of dance exercise daily for all teens! Socializing daily in a non-electronic setting daily for teens! Teens meeting cute and IN PERSON! Can you imagine such a world? Wouldn’t it be great?

Who’s in? Spread the word! Bring Back the Malt Shop!! We need it more than ever!


  • Love this blog. We are children of the 70’s, computers were just evolving and cell phones did not yet exist. We
    had to make an effort to connect, listen, and communicate. We learned much from this. Our job is to teach others to do the same.

  • Today’s generation might prefer green tea or lattes but I get it and agree!

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