Spring Cleaning, Purging, and Sadly Buying Some More Stuff

If you have read my latest Huff Post Blog, Drinking the Lilly Pulitzer Kool Aid, then you know what I have been up to lately. Buying more stuff.

I have been on a major binge of purging old stuff – mostly stuff that was sitting around year after year, collecting dust in cabinets, closets etc. I felt lighter afterwards. I felt cleansed. I am proud to say that I got rid of lots of things that have been sitting around in cabinets for 25-30 years. I purged my kids’ rooms and closets. They have been out of college for many years and that never happened until now. Finally, I did it.

I got rid of lots of my things too. The point of getting rid of stuff is to only keep what you truly appreciate and use. That will never happen with me as I am an acquirer, a collector, and a purveyor of lots of stuff. I really admire the minimalist thing, but again, it will never happen in my world.

Sure enough, as soon as I got rid of things, I felt like going shopping. Now mind you, I have enough clothes to outfit an entire large sorority of women. My closet is huge and filled. I surely don’t need more. I have adorable spring and summer clothes.

Yet in the stores and ads, I see even more adorable clothes for the new seasons and I want.

I want, and I want. Therein lies the problem.

As cute as my current wardrobe is, it can always stand a few new cute things. Few being the key word that I don’t quite get. I don’t do things in moderation.

Still the net benefit is probably that I got rid of more things than I recently acquired. Hurray. It’s about time.

How about you – do you spring clean?

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  • I clean out regularly, so there really isn’t anything special to do in the Spring. As I said to you on your Huff blog, I should let you shop for me. I really do need new clothes, but have no desire to shop. My pitiful wardrobe, consists of hand-me-downs from my daughter. Everyone that knows me, has been encouraging me to buy new clothes.

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