Teach Guerilla Tactics to Our Kids in Schools

Yet another maniac on the loose, shooting in a school. Helpless victims falling in numbers. The horror is unspeakable.

I am stunned, and saddened beyond all words that these vicious attacks happen so frequently and claim so many lives.

There are some major things we have to do and we have to do it NOW.

Our government leadership has let us down. Yes, we were promised after Sandy Hook. We were promised after Gabby Giffords. But NOTHING has happened. Anyone who speaks about the current administration’s legacy needs to wake up to the fact that this was NOT a top internal agenda item. I am neither Democrat or Republican, but I am watching priorities. What is being done? How many of these must we endure?

We have to have a better care system in place for mental health, (a topic for an entire future blog)  along with better controls on guns, and importantly but something so far neglected, we have to teach society how to fight back against these sick, pathetic people intent on taking masses of lives.

I attended an armed intruder workshop not too long ago and learned quite a bit. The policeman teaching the course gave a lot of information about fighting back. Yes, you read that right – fighting back. Though we were always told in the past to cooperate and be passive with an aggressor, all of that information was wrong. The best chances at survival are always in fighting back.

Though you don’t have a gun and the intruder does, anyone in the room should start tossing desks, chairs, equipment, objects at the intruder’s head and body. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone in a classroom got up and started tossing furniture? That gunman would be down in seconds.

Use pens as projectiles, scissors, anything within reach. One small act could take a gunman’s focus away and that would be enough time to rush him and disarm him.

It’s hard to be brave and bold and aggressive like that, but I am assuming most people don’t even know to do this. Why are we not teaching this? A video like the one I watched with these guerilla tactics should be shown as television commericals regularly as PSAs, and before every movie shown so everyone in the public can know what to do for a better chance at survival.

If you recall back to 9/11, Flight 93 was the only plane to miss its target as it was the plane with a vigalente mob taking down the intruder. I remember the famous words of the passenger leader, “Let’s Roll.” Yes, the plane went down, but not on a building. So many more lives were spared by that heroism on the part of ordinary citizens.

Please share this blog and urge more education on fighting back, urge our legislators to do soemthing about gun control and mental health programs and care. Wake up America!



  • Really good article from NY Times. https://nyti.ms/1VtVPMa

    • I will try to get to it and read it. I notice you only share views though that match your political agenda, so I am wary. Can you HONESTLY say if a Republican was President now, that you and your fellow idealogues would not be screaming bloody murder blaming the administration for having done nothing since Sandy Hook? I know your types too well – and those on the other end of the spectrum as well. (really awful as well) That is why our country is in the shape it is in. Everyone is protecting their political persuasion rather than looking for action.

      • I voted for Reagan and would seriously consider John Kasich if he gets nominated. The GOP left me. I didn’t leave it. It’s run by a bunch of crazies. Donald Trump.. Seriously?? I’ve applauded the GOP for assisting with the reduction of the deficit. Although I think it’s more by accident than on purpose.

      • Also, I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged in my 20s and was greatly influenced by it. It was great book in my view and shows the dangers of big government. I believe the GOP has been, in some ways, more guilty of big government abuse. The current Benghazi committee is a great example.

  • I agree with Robbi..I’m heartsick about this, which means I’m not numb. Which is good

  • I don’t think we can blame this on the administration. They tried to get something passed. The obstructionists just kept it from happening.

    • Obamacare was passed, and this could have passed too. It wasn’t important enough. Prove that he did something that was blocked. Nada. We should NEVER put politics and parties ahead of important agenda items like this. Prez Obama made an impassioned speech after Sandy Hook, just as he did after this one. What has been done.

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