The Top Eight Things I Do Over and Over That Really Annoy Me

I am my own worst enemy. As I age, especially during this (ahem) era of a woman’s life, it does not take much to annoy me. Yet I find I  am the one most guilty of causing major annoyance. Am I a creature of bad habits? Here is the list of things I do that annoy me most.

8. Turn the shower water on way too hot. My husband always has to adjust the temperature knob after my showers and before his own because the water temperature is beyond all reason. As the water rains down on me, I am annoyed that it is too hot, yet I am the one that makes it and keeps it that way over and over again. This is especially annoying after Bikram Yoga. After being on fire (cue Alicia Keys song This Girl is on FIRE) in a 105 degree room and exercising until I am drenched with sweat, a cool shower would seem more reasonable. For some reason, I take a hot one, only to become really upset with myself.

7. Keep mindless catchy songs on the radio knowing that I will be singing a mere phrase of them (part of the chorus usually) OVER AND OVER AND OVER again in my head, all day long. Like a tic you can’t get rid of, no matter how occupied I am, at every quiet moment, I notice I am singing that phrase endlessly. Call Me Maybe anyone? ARGH!

6. Stay out in the sun too long without replenishing the sunblock. I don’t know why I keep doing this, but we have been going to the beach more often and I get so lost in conversation or activity, I forget to repeatedly replenish the sunblock. I can’t tell you how many times this summer I have stupidly burned – and I tan easily so there is no rational reason for this. Thank goodness for Aloe.

5. Start pondering life’s problems at 4 am – I am the cause of my own insomnia sometimes by letting my mind review some of the biggest issues in the middle of the night. I have just begun to learn that if you awaken, just roll over and lull yourself back to sleep and keep the brain turned off.

4. Use a hair straightener – I am now sporting layered hair. Not the kind of layered hair that you pay hairdressers big bucks for. Mine is more like broken off pieces of the side of my hair from chemical processing and using a straightener.  I keep saying I will let my hair go Au natural, but who am I kidding?

3. Watch stupid TV – Why on earth do I watch shows like the Bachelor and the Bachelorette? I KNOW they are garbage, but I feel compelled to watch the psycho-dynamics unfold. Usually I just feel stupid after watching bad TV, yet I continue to watch the same bad shows each season. NOTE: The Kardashians and Real Housewives are NOT included thankfully.

2. Go to sales and actually buy more stuff – Talk about Buyer’s Remorse! I have been known to buy stuff that will sit in my closet for months or years without wearing, simply because it was on sale. I do not need any. more. stuff. Period.

1. Over-eat, particularly at restaurants. Let’s face it, restaurant portions are ridiculous these days and are suited for those who don’t mind consuming a million calories a day. So why do I annoy myself over and over by trying to be a member of the clean plate club while eating out? Usually I am so stuffed, I can’t even order and eat dessert. Now THAT is really annoying.



  • Join the crowd.

  • I can sooo relate to the garbage TV comment(How is “Two Broke Girls” still on the air?”)
    But I am unapologetic about a clean plate, even ‘though, believe it or not, I seldom have one. But if I felt like finishing everything I would..without an apology:)

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