The Winner of the Great Comment Contest Is….

Ok, the great comment contest wasn’t really great.

Mediocre would even be a stretch.

It didn’t go viral like I hoped. $100 just doesn’t charge people up like it used to!

However, the good news is that LOTS and LOTS of people visited the site – our numbers were huge, even if the comments were tiny. 35 to be exact.

So I get it readers – you want to read and leave my page without bothering to make a comment. I respect your right to do that. No more bribery or pressure.

The winner is a FIRST TIME COMMENTER so that is cool.

My husband drew the winning name, so you can blame him if your name wasn’t pulled, but he monitored to make sure it was all fair and square!

So keep reading, and don’t comment or comment, whichever you wish. I enjoy the feedback I get from my readers in public, private, on Facebook, twitter, or on the blog site. I really appreciate all of you for reading. Thanks a bunch – and sorry you couldn’t all win! Your comments were all great by the way – very amusing! We could write a book on this topic and it would be hilarious!

Now drum roll please…..

The winner is: Cheryl S. P. – whose comment I loved about hair growing in places it never did before! I agree Cheryl and the Chin Hair Problem is discussed at length in my novel! Didn’t want to spoil the laughs by blogging about it too! So congrats Cheryl and enjoy your gift card to BB&B – one of my favorite stores. Don’t forget to bring your 20% off coupon so you get an even better deal! I will be emailing you in the next few days to get the address to send your gift card to!

Again, thanks one and all for playing along with me! MWAH!!! (that’s text talk for a kiss)


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