The Wonders of Facebook are Fading Fast

For the past five years, I have been the biggest Facebook fan ever.

What better way to keep up with the kids that grew up with my kids and are now wonderful adults/and my Facebook friends? (PS if any of you are reading I love seeing you on there since I don’t get to see you much in person any more.)

What more perfect way to follow the photos and antics of my long distance relatives? What a fabulous way to keep in touch with every long lost pal from the old neighborhood through college since I moved 1500 miles away!!

Those who are my “Facebook friends” know that I am on it a lot. I am a serial “Liker” pushing the “Like” button for their news and photos and sometimes their articles that they re-post.  I am actually not on it as much as people think, I am just really active and thorough in the way I go through all the statuses when I AM on!

And many know I promote my writing on there big time. It does draw people to my blog sites both here and the Huffington Post.

Oh and I brag. Of course I brag. I am the proudest mom ever to my two wonderful children Brett and Elissa, and to my three stepsons and step daughter-in-law. We all brag a bit, right? It’s perfectly acceptable to do this on Facebook. Some brag, some whine, some expound politically, and that’s just what we do. (And some do all of the above and re-post everything by George Takai and the like.) It’s a free thing to ignore whatever bothers you though.

Despite all of the above, with all of the changes constantly going on with our pages, our feeds, and the non-stop solicitations, many are getting turned off. Lots of us regulars are not visiting so regularly anymore.

I am kind of freaked out each time they show ads for things I searched the internet for that had nothing to do with my Facebook time. The “suggested feeds” on my timeline annoy me so much I block most of them, causing me to have to answer questions on why the feed didn’t interest me!

Just give me my friends’ feeds and statuses!! That’s what I want!

I’m kind of bored with the Life Hacks, recipes that I copy and never make, and of getting invited to the dumb games. With my dad now living with me, I barely have time to blog and frequent Facebook, let alone play games. Games are not part of my world right now, and I doubt they ever will be. I use what little free time I have for Yoga – absolutely necessary with my current schedule – and my writing.

And seriously, I am not interested taking quizzes to find out the color of my aura, what Classic Actress I would be, what Jewel I would be, what TV character I would be, what Movie character I would be, what Flower I would be, what state I should come from, or what country I should live in.

I think there’s a lot of us that even though we lived and breathed the wonders of Facebook for a while, the luster is wearing off and we are spending less and less time on it. Facebook Customer Retention Team – take note!

What do you think? And what can you add of the annoying things on Facebook?


  • The “Queen is really taking off her Crown”?
    First off, Gary is accurate. Facebook needs revenue from Advertisers because no one else pays their bills. It’s a very good FREE marketing tool for and every other business. Bigger business employ people and agencies, just to take care of their Social Marketing and pay them well. My Company uses a lot of FB but a lot more of Twitter and Instagram. For my time, I can get more business from Twitter and Linked In. FB is social and worth the peek and the post. It’s just not the Facebook we grew up with , haha.

  • The reality is that Facebook will cease to exist if they can’t make money. Money is made by people clicking on ads. Facebook is just doing the same thing Google is doing. Everywhere you go on the Internet is tracked and behind the scenes they are matching ads based on what you do, where you go, what you search for and what you click on. That’s how it works. Like it or not, you either put up with it, or your options are to find someplace to play that’s free, or where you pay for a subscription. Facebook has provided an absolutely amazing place to connect. No free lunch.

  • I’m not the least bit embarrassed by my FB addiction. I don’t know if it’s exactly jumped the shark, but more people turn to Twitter than to FB. I’d never want to be reduced to 140 characters..I have a lot more to say than that!

  • This is so true Arlene. But it’s amazing Facebook’s popularity has lasted this long. Lot’s of us are still really hooked on it but its more like a drug. one you want to stop taking but can’t. Seeing Facebook in different forms (like via Flipboard or Magazine) makes me recognize what a rag it truly is. If it was in print form we’d instantly recognize it for what it is – an unending marketing piece designed to be tossed in the trash after a quick scan. What makes it different is the friends. Imagine opening your local newspaper with all your friend’s names endorsing products. It’s positively brilliant.

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