Tidbits on The Bachelor Season

Well, I didn’t post and twitter on the Bachelor Finale as I was waiting to put all the little goodies into my blog. I am overdue for a fun blog, so here it is.

First of all, It is Back to Substitute Teaching for one Lindsay Yenter (who I understand is an aspiring “model and actress.” but whose last job was apparently Substitute Teaching)  Not only did she not get picked after being one of the final two, but she didn’t get the consolation prize: The Bachelorette. Perhaps her bad taste in big ugly foot tattoos did her in. I can only imagine what her Military Hotshot dad is wanting to do with Sean Lowe right about now.

Sean, honey, if I was you, I would steer clear of the entire state of Missouri for the time being.

On to Sean’s pick. I guarantee that if most of America had a lineup of all the girls for this season, and tried to pick out his final selection from that, NO ONE and I mean No One would select Catherine right off the bat.

Many see it as an odd choice. She is a free spirit from the liberal great Northwest, and he is a southern Christian born-again virgin. Yes, he is remaining celibate until marriage.  You can just suspect from looking at Catherine, that waiting until marriage is not part of her M.O. But whatevs. She is famous now, sporting a rock and got the GUY! The one all 26 were vying for. So she has to wait a bit to consummate their union. That’s not nearly as difficult as watching her fiance Sean make out with dozens of others on national TV through this season and profess his undying devotion and “Love” -even though he Contractually could not utter that word to anyone- to the last four girls.

Sean particularly seemed torn the day before proposing between Lindsay and Catherine. He just could not figure out who to pick among the last two. If that doesn’t make a girl confident in her man, I don’t know what would.

His mom wisely advised him NOT TO PROPOSE to anyone if he was that torn. But propose he did, the day after being all kissy-face and writing love and marriage on lanterns on a romantic date with Lindsay where he swore his devotion and reassured her and made out repeatedly.

Now, of course, Catherine hasn’t seen that last episode, as they had her backstage sequestered so she could not question all of the above and she could remain blissfully, blindly, deliriously in love. (emphasis on Delirious)

In fact, the producers probably advised her NOT to watch the last four or five episodes, the better to keep the couple together until at least the talk show rounds are completed.

Of course Sean only developed real feelings for Catherine in the last few episodes. In reality, this would qualify as an infatuation, not true love that calls for an engagement and wedding. But this is REALITY TV folks, where nothing about reality is true, and it is all about fantasy. No wonder this show has had so many breakups.

At any rate, on reflecting back on the season, I have to say, although it was an odd choice that none of us saw coming – except for those of us who read Reality Steve’s blog where he was spot on in his predictions – the couple of Sean and Catherine seem genuine to an extent and have the same goofy mushy love that reminds me of Trista and Ryan – who are miraculously STILL together ten years later!

I do question myself on the genuine though. They both seem far too enamored of the spotlight and will be married on TV – how’s that for intimacy? And Sean is going on Dancing with the Stars. Yes, he is for sure milking his fifteen minutes of fame into several hours.  Being a recognizable TV celebrity is certainly worth the price of a potentially failed romance, isn’t it?

So Bachelor Fans and my finale watching crew: signing off until we meet again when the fair Desiree with the crazy brother is the Bachelorette this summer. If I know the producers, they are going to milk that crazy cow quite a bit. See you then!

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