Update on the Little Black Dress

You know, sometimes I get surprised that so many random people visit my blog and actually read the contents. Sure I have the¬†analytics, but they don’t tell me WHO is reading, just the numbers which can be substantial. The stories at the end of this blog will illustrate exactly how random those readers can be!

The tale of me fitting into a little black dress for my 40th reunion seems to have struck a chord. Everywhere I turned for weeks, anyone I ran into asked me for an update on the surgery and the Little Black Dress saga. That damn dress took on a life of it’s own becoming the stuff of legends.

I liked it because of the cute embellishments on it. There are cute flower petals on the empire, and at the hemline and some of those petals have sparkly sequins to add a little pizzazz. I wanted something very youthful and cute for this reunion. Do I even have to say why?

What I didn’t count on though was a DARK room. In all the photos, I looked like I could have been wearing a low cut black sack cloth, and in the photos these details didn’t even show up.

See what I mean?

At any rate, it fit perfectly on reunion night and I still felt girly and pretty in it which is a particularly important way to feel if you are a dinosaur enough to be going to your 40th High School reunion.

Several funny stories about the wide reach of my previous blog tale of woe with the Little Black Dress being snug that I thought I should pass on.

We had several crashers from the class a year before ours. It was great to see many of them. One of these guys requested a photo with me, because he “Had to get a photo with me in my little black dress!”

Still another at the reunion – a guy I knew since elementary, junior high, but mostly didn’t see at all in High School and I probably did not utter a word to him since Junior High – we had a huge class of 1260 in High School. I saw him at the bar at the reunion, recognized him and said Hi, and he knew who I was too and we then had the following exchange.

Larry: So you lost a bit of weight, eh?

Arlene: What do you mean? I was MUCH skinnier in junior high when you knew me! (Thinking he was remembering me as someone else)

Larry: No, what I mean is you lost weight and got into the little black dress!

So you see, a guy I had not seen or heard from since JUNIOR HIGH happens to be my Facebook Friend and when I post links to my blog, I guess he sometimes reads it. Random, right?



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  • You looked beautiful.

  • When you say the dress has details on the “umpire,” I doubt that is the word you meant to use. Perhaps the dress has an “empire waist”?? Is that it? Sorry… can’t help it. Once an English teacher, always one, I suppose.

    • Fixed, wrote it while I was brain dead last night!

      • Only a week to go and I’m finally cechking out all of the great comments and downloads on the reunion web site. I left WGHS and attended Texas Christian for two years, then transferring to Mizzou for a degree in Broadcast Journalism where I was an Alpha Phi with Claire Coleman Lamonica. I worked at a small tv station in Tupelo, MS as a reporter/anchor, then Wichita, KS as a reporter/producer. Always looking for some new adventure I went into hospital marketing. I married Jim Serra (Brentwood ’71/Mizzou ’75). He worked at KSDK at the time as a producer but we soon moved to Lake Charles, LA where Jim worked as National Sales Manager and has now been General Manager of KPLC-TV (NBC affiliate) for quite some time. I worked in hospitals, marketing for a local mall, and capped off my career days as Admissions Director/Development Director for a small Episcopal Day School. In the meantime, we have a daughter, Jennie, who is now married and teaches in New Orleans at a school similar to the school in FAME. Amusingly, she’s a very talented math teacher. This was NEVER among my talents. I became overly volunteered after retirement’ and served for several years as the state Chairperson for Keep Louisiana Beautiful which is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. I worked harder at that job than some of my paid positions. We travel a lot we have a second home built in 1730 in Exeter, NH and I try to spend a LOT of the summer there since Louisiana is a tad steamy. I continued my love of horses through my daughter she rode hunter/jumper and I dinked around with her when I could. We live in a turn of the century home in Louisiana that has withstood many hurricanes and, life is good. Can’t wait to see everyone.

  • You looked awesome in that dress!

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