What’s The Point if You Need a Vacation from Your Vacation?

Sorry loyal blog readers! I haven’t written a blog in over two weeks! There is a very good reason for this though. I have been on vacation. Not only was I on vacation, but I literally vacated – completely, utterly, fully. That meant no work, no bill paying, no writing.

If you think about it, too many people go on vacation and then need a vacation to recover from their vacation. I personally term these trips rather than vacations, and though I have enjoyed many thoroughly because they involved a hectic pace of touring exotic locales all over the world, you do not exactly come back rested and revitalized. Not that I would take any of them back – my “trip” to places like Italy or France were unforgettable and wonderful. Just not a vacation where you come back completely rested.

I have chosen to use the word vacation for those times when I go off to do the three R’s -rest, rejuvenate, and relax. As in lay like broccoli on a beach, leave all my worries and cares, and bills and even dog behind, and just CHILL. (my husband too as you can see below)

Speaking of which, it seems I vacated a wee bit too much, because I kind of left the brain behind on the beach. I was so relaxed, I stopped thinking and became absentminded. My type A personality ceased to exist as I misplaced things, left things behind, threw valuables out, and forgot people’s names.

I thought to myself after one of these instances such as losing a set of earrings because I absentmindedly put them away in a napkin and then they went out with the trash: “Arlene, what WERE YOU THINKING?”

The answer – I wasn’t thinking! That’s my point!

I read, I laid on the beach, I sat in a pool without doing aerobics or swimming – something unheard of at my home pool. I walked, I biked leisurely, I stared at the ocean, and at the bay. I watched fireworks on a boat with the beautiful lights and colors reflected on the expansive ocean we sailed on. I socialized, I ate and ate and ate, and I slept soundly. In other words, it was perfection.

I have never quite understood the term “staycation” even though I understand the concept. To save money, you take off work, and stay at home doing fun things or things you wouldn’t normally do.

The problem for me would be that my regular household chores would be waiting, the dog would be demanding, the bills coming in the mail beckoning to be paid. FEH! Some vacation!

There were too many highlights to elaborate on such as seeing old, old friends and acquaintances (and by Old, I mean it in the politest way – long ago friends, for surely none of us are Old), getting bonded with new friends, having a memorable Independence Day evening, and meeting my namesake, Arlene Lassin. Yes, you read that right. There is another Arlene Lassin that isn’t me. I wrote a blog on it previously that you can read here.  Here it the photo of the twin named ladies below.

What was fun about the evening we met in person was the reuniting of the two Gary Lassins (cousins) and the two Marc Lassins. (also cousins)

At any rate, I am BACK! I heard from so many people – many random who barely knew me complimenting me on my blog, telling me they read it regularly and love it. So not only am I refreshed, but I am inspired to continue my little blog better than ever! Love to all my readers!


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