Why Are We Paying High Dollar Prices For Plastic Shoes?

As I have written about many times, I am a shopper and so no need to go into that again. But today’s topic is something that has been aggravating me for a very long time.


I know most products these days are made in China – which means cheap labor and I suspect from knowing about things made in China, maybe cheap materials. However many designer shoes that we are paying high retail prices for are made of plastic. They are cute but are made of cheap material.

Since when did major designers of shoe wear decide to slap their label on plastic shoes and still have the nerve to list them at prices that should be paid for leather shoes? Wasn’t it a matter of pride to wear a certain designer’s shoe? Is there any pride in wearing “synthetic material” instead of leather, yet still paying $89 and up for the shoe? I am talking about fine manufacturers such as Anne Klein, Tahari and Michael Kors.

Several years ago, I started looking inside at the materials that shoes were made up before purchasing. This is because synthetic (plastic) has gotten so sophisticated, many times it looks and feels like leather. Yet I have steadfastly refused to buy the shoes made of plastic, no matter how much I love them, with the exception being flip flops and ultra casual shoes.

I taught my daughter to look too. I think it is nervy to charge a high dollar amount for a shoe that probably cost $2.00 to make out of plastic in China. So I am on a mission to BOYCOTT these shoes.

A few months ago, I was in DSW – I love a bargain, I love shoes, so DSW is a great place for me. The first five pairs I picked up – DISCOUNTED at around $39 or $49 dollars, were ALL made of plastic. I couldn’t get them back on the shelf quick enough. I noticed sometimes designers are kind of sneaky and put the materials in a place underneath the front of the shoe so you really have to want to know to find it.  How many people don’t do that and think they are buying leather, and paying that price, only to purchase plastic shoes.

Back at DSW, I was curious about the “Designer Section” where shoes run over $100 to $200. While some there were made of leather, plenty of those too were made of all “synthetic” materials.

It is laughable. Except I am not laughing. I find myself purchasing shoes that I don’t particularly need if they are leather and a good deal. Leather shoes are such a rarity any more, I don’t want to pass them up. Due to this, my shoe closet is a bit full.

What do you think? Do you mind wearing designer shoes made of plastic? Or do you long for leather shoes like me?


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