My Careful Analysis of Who the Bachelor Brad Picks, Along with some Shame

As a graduate with a degree in pyschology, a bit of work in the field, and most importantly just a natural people watcher and studier of human nature, I feel qualified to predict who I think the Bachelor will pick.

Now this isn’t a spoiler – just my opinion, based on what I observed.

Also, for those worried about more important events in the world, I understand if you skip this blog completely. I mean who really cares who Brad selects? In a few minutes after the finale ends, it will be old news – who cares news. Although these Bachelor couples try to stick around in our pop culture and make more money by being famous for doing nothing, we (at least I do) try to forget who they were immediately after the show ends. For me, watching is a guilty pleasure and maybe one step morally above watching train wrecks  (which I have never seen and know I personally would NOT enjoy.)

It’s actually the studying of human nature that has me watching both this show and Survivor and The Amazing Race year after year.

I love to see the way humans interact with one another in extreme situations. It’s why we all watch reality TV, isn’t it? It’s why the ratings are so high. You just can’t stay away because it is fascinating watching human nature in reality life.

So again, I have been a careful student of the tell-tale human nature signs I have seen in this particular season and that I will explain below.

1. Right now, the producers will only let the “Emily” opinion out. Contestants are contractually bound not to give away the end, and they claim they don’t know the end selection, but I think we have only been subjected to the “Emily” pick speculation by eliminated girls, and NONE of the Chantal pick speculation by former contestants. This is called producer manipulation and I am having none of it. They have even bought off the official bachelor spoiler, Reality Steve. Anyone can be bought off – even a guy who makes his money blogging about the show, and who seems to despise the producers. He originally wrote Chantal was the winner, now he says Emily is the winner. Bah. No way Reality Steve. I call Payola. See my reasons below.

2. While each time Brad interacts with Emily, he treats her like she is a fragile doll, he has a rollicking good time with Chantal. There’s lots of kidding, cuddling, laughter, fun. Guys like Brad need and want that. They generally don’t want someone they are afraid to break. They want to put their special one on a pedestal, but not so high that they can’t be playful.

3. I have watched Brad get smitten with Chantal, and then fall in love with her. I have watched him admire and fall in respect with Emily. He has more passion with Chantal, for sure.

4. He keeps saying key phrases like “I can be myself with Chantal” and “I can’t remember another person I could totally be myself with and who totally puts me at ease.” This is what he said he wanted at the very beginning of his “journey.” And it is quite obvious that he is awkward around Emily and not himself. He is nervous, and self-conscious.

5. Brad had trouble kissing Emily while her daughter was upstairs sleeping. I think that’s a sign that he is not ready to be an “instant family.” I don’t think he would want to relocate her daughter to Austin.

6. He has always liked and chosen dark-haired girls. His girlfriend in Austin was dark-haired, both Deanna Pappas and Jenni (?) were dark haired final picks on his first go-round of the bachelor.

7. I think his personality type likes spunk and sass (Chantal even slapped him at the beginning) rather than fragile, delicate. Deanna Pappas, his almost intended of his last go-round had that same spunk and sass.

8. I get the impression he wants a girl that can get down and dirty with him in his Austin lifestyle. The theme for the city of Austin is “Keep Austin Weird.” Chantal fits in with that far better than Emily. In fact, I couldn’t imagine Emily there. I see him wanting someone he can horse around with, be playful with. Um, the only playfulness with Emily is his flying a kite for her daughter. While all of his dates with Emily were prim and proper, he slept in a tree-house with Chantal, testing her adventurous spirit.

9. Brad did not meet Emily’s parents – a big part of who he spends his life with – and he was absolutely in love with Chantal’s. He is looking for a father figure since he did not have one and Chantal’s stepfather is just the man for that. They are both businessmen and can do business together.

Now some spoilers say that the producers fly Emily’s parents to South Africa so he can propose, but I would think he would want to know them first, right? Not meet them right before a proposal. And they flew someone else’s parents to the proposal place that ended up not getting a proposal, so I still think I am right.

10.While we heard Brad say that he was “falling” in love with Emily, it was already a done deal with Chantal – he was in love with her, so they haven’t aired any of his sentiments. Creative editing.

11. Why would Brad want to compete with a ghost? Emily’s dead boyfriend is a hard comparison, because when someone dies, you just remember their good qualities and not their bad. Why would he want to put himself into that situation? I don’t think he is brave enough to do that.

12. The more Reality Steve backtreads, and the more the public thinks it is Emily, the more I think Emily is the next Bachelorette. The better for publicity! The more the rejected women predict Emily, and let that cat out of the bag, the more I think it is Chantal. I mean, it isn’t even balanced. No one has even mentioned Chantal. Producers love to do the bait and switch.

So the above is my very well thought out reason for selecting Chantal as Brad’s final pick. I am fairly confident I am right – enough to publish this blog. Can you believe I wasted my time, reasoning, and brain power on this garbage? It’s pretty unbelievable, right? And now do you see why I take my reality TV so seriously??


  • Looks like Emily won.

  • Arlene, you have an very strong hypothesis for who Brad will pick. All your arguments for Chantal support your hypothesis that she is the one for him. These reality show are so formulaic. Since Emily is not ” the one”, she will be “The Bachelorette” next season. The producers are trying to make it seem that Emily has a good chance to win Brad over and keep driving the controversy. It supposedly makes for higher ratings. Don’t as me, I never watch this show. All I know is that Arlene knows her business, and I agree – it’s going to be Chantal.

  • while i agree with a lot of your points, I still think it was Emily. Chantal has a new boyfriend already and was rumored to turn down the bachelorette. Chantal was the favorite by most pop bloggers (reality steve, bill simmons) all season until the very end. I pick emily!

  • Loved it! Very intuitive thinking!

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