Why this Jew Absolutely LOVES the Christmas Season

Let’s face it, this year”s “holiday season” is not so much about all the holidays due to the very early Chanukah, which has been over and finished for a while. So we are left with Christmas season – such a festive, jolly time of year if you appreciate it that way. Though I am Jewish, I am thoroughly enjoying this season without the slightest bit of envy. I am just breathing it all in and relishing it.
It’s not like I am a Christmas wannabe either. There are lots of those – but to key is to thoroughly enjoy celebrating your own holidays. It fills up the celebrating quotient and creates satisfaction. Then of course there is no wannabe and no envy. It looks like I am just like Mayim Bialik on this.
Here are the top 10 reasons I love the Christmas season, not necessarily in order.

10. Oh, those wonderful, festive holiday parties! Thanks for including me!

9. The beautiful decorations everywhere – I appreciate and admire these!
8. Being wished a Merry Christmas. Do I mind, heck NO! This is because I AM planning on having a merry Christmas as it will be spent…
7. With my favorite people seeing a movie and eating Chinese Food – and looking very much forward to it.
6. Holiday songs – I love them! Holiday parodies too! In fact I, and lots of others like me, occasionally tune in to the all Christmas music station to hear some festive music.
5. Being generous to others – giving those Christmas bonuses brings such a huge smile of appreciation from those receiving and donating to other causes makes me feel all warm inside.
4. Receiving holiday cards – some humorous, some informative, some sincere – I love them all. Amazing that I am still on anyone’s list being that I do not send cards.
3. Getting to spend more down time with my favorite people as we all have some time off from work.
2. All these great new movies come out. And I get to watch my favorite Christmas movie of all time again on DVD – “Love Actually.” (Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.)
1. Taking it all in and then getting to relax without any shopping or other holiday stress!
Ho Ho Ho!
Wishing those that celebrate it as their holiday – a very meaningful, joyous Christmas, and to all – a very Happy New Year. Check out my New Year’s Resolution blog which will be published on my Huffington Post site. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/arlene-lassin/



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