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Those of us with a sense of humor through this plague have been using it to entertain others. If you do not laugh during these times, what is the alternative? A long time friend, Larry Dachslager, who is one of the very finest teachers I know, is also a movie and pop culture buff like I am. A very clever guy, he is also a Hitchcock fan as I am; and has posted very funny Hitchcock type takes and photos with captions appropriate to this time in life.

Larry has been mentioned in several of my previous blogs, about inspiring two successful actors who are part of our circle of friends, and also about his opinions on the Oscar awards show and every other awards show.

So here, proudly presented, is Larry Dachslagers ingenious daily posts for your entertainment. Make sure you read the captions below the photos! (PS this was a ton of work to get all these photos and captions loaded, so let us know how much you enjoyed them!)

This feels safe. We’re at least six feet apart… and the only sound is that crop dusting plane off in the distance.
I thought I’d spend some time outdoors since there’s nobody around. Clearly my plan had a Hitch to it.
I schlepped all this way and he tells me the Emerald City is under quarantine until July!
Not being able to eat out for so many weeks is resulting in some very Child-like behavior.
I tried telling my therapist about my life in quarantine, but since I’m a teacher, all she heard was “wha-wha…wha-wha…wha…”
On tonight’s shew, The Beatles will sing their 2020 hit, “I Want to Shake Your Hand.”
Lady and Tramp finally found a restaurant that was open, but still played it safe by eating outside, away from other patrons. I sing their praises.
If the Red Sea can remain apart long enough for us to get to a safe place, so can we! Happy Passover, and to paraphrase the traditional end of the Seder, next year in person!
If you must be this close, at least put on a mask.
Boy, the way we used to buy
Terlet paper on the fly
Now I’d even use 1-ply
Those were the days
A suspicious-looking guy was selling bandana face masks in the parking lot. On the plus side, he gave away a letter S with every purchase.
I know we all feel stranded, but it could be a LOT worse!
My recent Hitchcock posts combined with the quarantine have inspired some peculiar notions:
Our lives are turned upside down, we view each other in little boxes, and we’re all in the same boat. Why does this sound familiar?
Today is my mother’s birthday. From this safe and healthy distance outside her window, I am still able to shower… uh…I mean BESTOW Mom with all good wishes and love.
I’m told I should wear a homemade mask when I go out. I don’t know how this will help, but if it’s good enough for Batman…

How embarrassing. Kong just told me I desperately need a haircut.
I know it looks rather desolate, but they have takeout!!
I know I was last in the classroom with my students fairly recently, but it seems like soooooo long ago.

And last but not least, from my favorite Hitchcock film, Rear Window:

I’ve moved to a new apartment, but it feels oddly familiar.

Back to me, THANK YOU Larry Dachslager for this immense daily entertainment during this quarantine. Sometimes our minds are SO in sync! (Like about the Oscars nonsense!)


  • I think you are so creative.
    Keep in touch

  • Larry
    I love your episodes of staying home. You are so creative.
    Stay in touch with me. Karen sent these to me. By the way, I saw you used Fruma Sarah. Can’t Tevye get a plug. I can send you some pictures.

    • Larry Dachslager

      Thank you, Bobby! Yeah, I figured putting myself with Fruma Sarah is the closest I’ll ever come to playing Tevye.

  • Love this. We all miss Larry.

  • Great article, Arlene!
    I was so lucky to work with Larry on school musicals.. and he is so talented and so much fun!
    We became very good friend!
    I follow his Facebook photos and comments and can’t wait to see what is next

  • Sheldon Fink

    So much fun Larry, you brilliant man you.

  • Midge Wische

    This was absolutely fabulous, Larry. I have been a fan of yours since Teen Players at the JCC. Thanks for posting. Made my day!!

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