Horrors! Sally Jessy Raphael Was Staring Back at Me in Mirror

So I purchased a pair of ┬áred reading glasses on a whim and I put them on and looked in the mirror. With my blond hair and middle-aged look, I swear I saw a familiar middle-aged blond haired lady with red glasses staring back at me. Yes, I had morphed into Sally Jessy Raphael. ┬áRemember Sally? She was hot property with a popular talk show in the 80’s and then she just faded into obscurity for some reason. I always liked her no-nonsense style and her way of scolding stupid guests. There is even more Sally in me, as that is my personality type too.

When I mentioned this to my 23 year old daughter she was completely clueless as to who I was speaking of in the person of Sally. Sure, it was a dated reference, but it got me thinking about all those very famous people who then go away never to be heard from again. Like Bobby Sherman. What ever happened to that teen idol? I am pretty certain neither of my kids would recognize that name either, even though they are complete encyclopedias about important rock groups of the sixties and seventies.

I kind of wish some people who are famous for no good reason that I can comprehend, such as Kate Gosselin, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and many more, would just go away never to be heard from again. Oh, if only.

Who else can you think of who has just disappeared after some major fame and recognition? This is an interactive blog, so I want to hear from YOU!

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  • Sally Jessy (with a “y”) is about a foot shorter than you! And I went to a few of her tapings back in the 90’s, when one noticed her height and her constant smoking. So red glasses be damned, that isn’t you! She joined a lot of other talk show hosts about a month ago for an Oprah tribute. I’ve been part of the audience for a lot of talk shows, but Oprah was definitely the friendliest. Donahue came next..unless you count my teen years when I’d cut classes to go to the Mike Douglas Show..he was always very audience friendly! Did you see Ricki Lake on that show? She lost so much charisma along with the weight…

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