Husband Follies #@!$#&$@ Lumbering On

There is so much to write about my husband in Husband Follies that I have decided to collate these little stories that you all enjoy so much into a little book. I actually think, judging by your reactions, that it will be a laugh a minute and a big hit. Look for that sometime in the future.
When we last left you chuckling, clucking, or just shaking your heads, my husband decided to use our two kitchen pantries as a wet pantry and a dry pantry. I can’t tell you how many people came to our home and then wanted to see the pantries, still laughing about it.
As you all must know, we just built a new home after a flood. When you build a home, there is lumber – lots of lumber. My wannabe lumberjack husband insisted on keeping all leftover wood that now takes up approximately 1/2 of our garage space.
Our builder’s reaction was, “Huh?” This request left him scratching his head as it was probably the very first homeowner of one of his homes that insisted on keeping the wood.  Our builder apparently hasn’t read Husband Follies, and doesn’t know about my quirky husband, who makes decisions that most humans do not make.
Why did he want to keep lumber around? When probed by me, as I was annoyed at all the excess materials taking up space in our garage, my husband tried to come up with an answer that made sense. He failed miserably. “For future shelves,” he said. He also he wanted to sell some of it. The only problem with his explanation is that we have every single shelf from every single wall from our demolished house. Those sit in little bundled packs, just waiting to be used. See next photo if you don’t believe me.
No, the above is not the extra lumber, it is the shelves we hauled from our demolished house.
There is no way we will ever use that amount of shelves because we simply don’t have enough wall space! (And PS the only three shelves he has put up, he has banged his head on daily.)
And selling it? In his spare time. Yep. Right. Let’s see that happen. He will probably get all of ten bucks for that big pile of wood.
Note: I do have to admit here and give him kudos that he was smart to ask to save the floor boards – those thick wood sheets used for the floors; (underneath our custom flooring) because now our walk-in-attic has flooring which we need to use for storage.
So here’s the thing: he has an incentive to get rid of that huge pile of wood because while I am already parking in the garage, he doesn’t get to as the lumber is taking up his share of the space where his car would go in the garage. Let’s see how long it takes him to get rid of it when he tires of parking in the driveway in the rain and other elements. (Oh, and taking bets on how long it takes him to sort through about 50 boxes of “stuff” hauled from previous garages that is also taking up his spot in the garage.)
My husband is truly a handyman wannabe as well as a lumberjack, but he is so very busy with his career stuff that he is a Tool Time failure.
So some day in the far, far future, we will have a whole garage for our use. And maybe Gary will even have a workshop. You know, for projects that he will never get to.
(Check out all the Husband Follies by putting that title in the search in my blog if you want to read past ones. I am getting too lazy to link them all!)

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