Husband Follies Episode #8911

Well, we just completed the BIG move into our brand new house. It was without a doubt the very hardest move I have ever undertaken. Why? I am 61, and my husband is 63 and there are three flights of stairs involved. Another thing: we had all the boxes put in the garage so we could sort out there without congesting the house with a ton of boxes and stuff. We knew we wouldn’t be able to fit everything, so instead we did it ourselves, sorting and hauling up two flights to the second floor if need be.

I have unpacked so many boxes at this point that my fingers feel arthritic. I really AM too old for this. My back is just about to explode.

At any rate, we have some nifty new features in the new home, such as not one, but two pantries to store food.

If you have read my past husband follies, linked here and here and here and here and here, (and by the way if you need a few laughs today, you may want to read them all if you have not done so yet) then you know he is a quirky guy who doesn’t think like most of us normal mortals.

One of my husband’s huge pet peeves going back from our previous pantry is that stuff was half unsealed (read this hilarious blog about that) and that stuff was here, there, and everywhere. I truly admire people who are so orderly that they alphabetize their pantries, but I have to say I am quite the opposite.


So for this situation with two pantries, my husband declared we will have a dry pantry and a wet pantry. I laughed for twenty minutes as he rattled through lists of things and quizzed me on whether it would go in the wet or dry pantry. I think I passed, and my husband was so sure I would get this method of his, and that I would immediately subscribe to it. I must say when I unpacked, I was initially compliant, but we will see how long this “system” stays in place as we go along.

Our children had dinner with us one evening recently and I explained the wet and dry pantry concept. These are two brilliant people with advanced degrees who could not wrap their heads around where things would go. For example is coffee wet or dry? My husband’s simple answer is that coffee grounds are dry until it is made, so it goes in the dry pantry. Is peanut butter wet or dry? Gravy – wet or dry? (in package dry, in jar, wet) This discussion went on with loads of laughs at my husband’s expense. What else is new?

My husband begged for understanding: he only wants to go to the pantry for chips and know they will only be in one place – and hermetically sealed of course! What do you think? Weird, quirky, or a well thought out plan? Love your comments!


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