A Personal Triathlon in Lieu of Dieting

I know that if you are a regular reader, you know how absolutely abhorrent the four letter word DIET is to me. My willpower is severely lacking, and it is in direct opposition to my huge appetite. Read this linked blog for a laugh on my love of Carbs.

I think I am a Blonde Barbie, but more like Carbie.


My two children decided to get married within six months of each other. It is a very joyous time, but also a time fraught with worry that I won’t fit into the beautiful gowns I selected for the occasions.

I have been able to keep my figure mostly in shape thanks to my routine of Bikram Yoga. (read about it at link if you don’t know what it is – it is different than any other form of Yoga and takes place in a room heated to 105 degrees) I sweat off at least a few pounds every week.

Still, my weight fluctuates due to menopause, and that general middle-age-spread time-of-life.

I can see it right away when I am puffy, bloated, and have gained a few pounds as it shows in my face and middle.

With a holiday laden with carbs just passed (Passover) and with winter weight still firmly in place, even though Houston did not experience a winter this year, I had to think of desperate measures to fit into my gown at the end of May. And those measures of course never even hinted at anything that restricts my eating.

I hate dieting, but I love being active. I love biking, swimming, and I am committed to going to Bikram Yoga at least four times a week. It’s painless for me to do any of those three activities, rather than going to a gym.

I remembered how each summer in Margate, my summer place, I end up losing weight despite eating the most fattening foods with abandon. (Cheesesteaks, hoagies, sticky buns, soft pretzels, custard daily etc) The loss of weight is always due to more calories burned than taken in, because I walk like a crazy person all over the place, and bike an equal amount because I have no car there. One day, I logged 25 miles in walking alone! (Long beach walks while talking, walks to errands, and morning boardwalk bike and walk.)

So I thought, why not try to load up those calorie burning activities that I can do at my Houston locale to try to get some weight off?

That plan allows me to eat anything and everything I want, including loads of sweets, and still keep my weight at a reasonable plateau in time for the wedding.

So my personal triathlon is the following: biking for 8-10 miles, swimming for 45 minutes to an hour, and then either Yoga or jumping on my mini trampoline. This of course pales in comparison to a regular triathlon, and no, I won’t even go there to think about that level of exercise.

The above threesome worked fine while I was on vacation from work, and I hope I can keep up that pace while working, but I must say, I am feeling lighter, more in shape than ever, and I am still eating the fattening stuff.

I don’t mind that amount of activity, and it gives me those endorphins that create a sense of well-being. Can’t get enough of those!

The only tough part is getting in some writing and some sleep each day too!

Wish me luck – svelte by Memorial Day with the Arlene Lassin Triathlon method. Anything but D-I-E-T!


  • Are you truly attending 54 eating events ( fewer today, since you first wrote this blog) between now and the wedding? How many days a week do you think you can get in biking, swimming, yoga and/or trampoline? This, all while working full time? Arlene, you are my superhero. I honestly believe you are Wonder Woman if you can do all of that. I am retired and would not be able to fit all of that activity on a daily basis into my schedule… unless I was getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning and going to bed by 10:00! I know you often write tongue- in-cheek, but sometimes your blogs are serious. Obviously, I took this one very seriously because I have the same issues when it comes to being surrounded by food when I go to any kind of event or go out to lunch with friends and dinner on the weekends with couples!

    • Non-stop events starting this coming Friday! Yikes! Lots of delicious food at sumptuous places! I am a great time manager and am like the Energizer Bunny – I keep going and going!

  • Ambitious.

  • Ahhh, those menopause pounds!! I have never struggled with my weight, because like you, I’m very active. However, after menopause, any time a few pounds creep on, they are right on my tummy! I’m confident you will lose the weight for the wedding and look fabulous!!

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