Some Surprising Things I am Thankful For

As I enter the Thanksgiving holiday, I always pause to reflect what I am thankful for. I try to do this more than once a year – quite often in fact I count my many blessings such as family, health, friendships and the lifestyle I have. But given my quirky nature, I try to come up with a unique list of things I am thankful for specifically in the current year. So here it this years specific list:

I am thankful that this storm season was a mild one. For several years beginning with

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Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, through the years of Katrina and Rita and then Ike which indirectly touched down in Houston, storm season was worrisome for many people – not just in my home city or state, but all over the southern part of the country. Although in the 30 years I have lived in Houston I have only been part of three natural disasters – Hurricane Alicia, Tropical Storm Allison, and Hurricane Ike, those three will sustain me for quite a while, thank you very much.

I am thankful that my son is finished law school, passed the bar and has a terrific job. I credit him and his smarts, as well as his winning personality, but I also have to give myself some pats on the back for cheering him on and supporting him. As the judge who swore my son into the Texas Bar said, as parents we were happy about the J.D., (Juris Doctor is the name of the degree in law) but we were all even happier about the J-O-B.

I am thankful to have both of my children celebrate the holiday with me this year –one traveling in and one now local. (YAY – I can’t scream that loud enough for the local one) My son was in Australia last year. Along those lines, I hope for the day when my stepchildren can be part of the celebration too.

I am thankful for the unique community in my part of Houston that rallies around people in good times and bad. I know of no other big city where you can live smack in the heart of the city and feel suburban, neighborly, and part of a warm and fuzzy community.

I am thankful for social networking, which has found me a new reading audience and helped me to establish virtual friendships with some real quality people. I am thankful for my virtual friends who through that network support my endeavors.

I am thankful for my new Blog website. As painful as it was to leave the former home of “Hot Flashes,” my savvy husband got me a name based site so anyone can Google and find me and my Blog. I had heard so many times in the past from readers and acquaintances that they could not find my Blog. Well, now there is no excuse!

I am thankful for my readers. Just about every week I get a note or a comment about how my writing has touched someone, made him or her laugh, or otherwise helped him or her find something worthwhile.  I have always wanted to use my talents, which I consider a true gift, to reach out to people, to touch them and to make them laugh or think. When I receive these notes or comments, it just reinforces why I do what I do. So thank YOU for reading this! And have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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