What Exactly is this Star Wars Thing?

I am one of the rare humans who has never seen any Star Wars movie. I know it is a cultural disadvantage not to understand the phenomenon, and thus I am writing this blog. Perhaps one or two or more readers can explain it to me.

Sure I can read the summaries on IMDB or Wiki, but I am not sure I would understand the utter sensation of this franchise from doing that.

As explained in previous blogs, I have quirky taste in movies. I would take a sappy love story that would bring me to tears over an action flick of any kind. That includes all those comic book action movies. I have never seen a one. I like a good comedy, a dark comedy, a mystery of the Hitchcock genre or a light piece of fluff with quirky characters. I can watch the same favorite movie over and over and over again, and it still feels new to me in enjoyment. Give me a 500 Days of Summer – an oddball little love story – or a Juno any day of the week. I would rather see Kristen Wiig (the quirk queen) in an average movie, than a superstar in an action movie. I would rather see old movies, classic movies, TCM any day of the week.

I remember many years ago, when I was watching previews and just about every one of the action movies assaulted my senses of hearing and sight. These previews made me feel violated in a way, like a punch in the gut. I am sure I am the only human that feels that way, but the fast paced, loud action of the crashing cars, crumbling buildings, and the like are an affront to my senses – especially in surround-sound. I decided long before that happened that action movies weren’t for me, but that sealed my decision.

Whatever DNA design and brain makeup makes a person salivate for Star Wars, my DNA and brain are the exact opposite and it is not something that I can change.

All I am hearing lately is Star Wars this, Star Wars that, selling out pre-sale tickets, blah, blah, blah. It’s coming out SOON. The anticipation is EVERYWHERE except in my own brain.

I must say, for Disney it was the best deal ever getting both Lucasfilm and the Marvel Comics, but my personal favorite deal of theirs has to be the collaboration with Pixar. Pixar movies are my speed. Nonetheless, Disney will be rolling in the dough pretty soon. Again, brilliantly played Disney – just brilliant.

Each time I tell people that I have never seen a Star Wars, Star Trek, or any of that genre type of movie, I get these incredulous looks. How can I even live life without them? (I did see Jaws, Close Encounters of the First Kind and ET by the way.)

Then there is this guy, which makes me sad, and yet happy his dying wish was granted, even if I don’t understand it.

Here it is, in my blog, and I am telling the world I am a weirdo. I have no desire to take part in this Star Wars phenomenon.  Yet, if you, dear readers would like, feel free to explain it to me because I just don’t get why that stuff is entertaining. I would love to hear from you – even the passionate ones that call me all kinds of names for the word crazy. Go ahead, make my day. (Never saw that one either.)


  • I remember standing in line in the cold winter weather of Boston with a thrill in my heart for the original films, but I didn’t care for the later films.
    I do plan to see the new film, but I see me how think they won’t live up to the he hype.
    Though I don’t like most action movies, I do enjoy reading and watching well made science fiction. I understand what you are saying about the assault on a he senses lots of them launch, but believe me that they aren’t all made alike.

  • P.P.S.
    I forgot to mention…I enjoy the Star Wars movies for what they are…movies.
    Like you, I do not subscribe to the hype or the franchise demands of having to own everything from every movie. 🙂

  • You are welcome. Thank you for your blog!

  • Arlene:
    Simply stated, George Lucas missed the movies of yesteryear. Perhaps you remember when Saturday Matinees started with another chapter of a weekly storyline. Anyway, he wrote a large volume storyline (Star Wars) that is basically a Space Western with many chapters. It has romance, adventure, drama, etc. It has something for everyone.

    I won’t tell you that you “have to watch it”. Should you CHOOSE to, start with the first one, (1977) Star Wars: A New Hope. Then you’ll get it.

  • It’s just one of those cultural phenomena’s. Like the Wizard of Oz. most people remember the first time they saw it and how they felt about it. The first time I saw Star Wars my sister and I were late to the theater but managed to snag first row seats. Had to watch the opening words going up the screen with my head and neck killing me!!! lol.

  • 从百度点进来的,支持一下

  • Arlene, you are not a weirdo! I’m right there with you! While I have seen a few of the earlier Star Wars movies, I didn’t enjoy them. I have absolutely no desire to see this new one. Was never a Star Trek fan either! No Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. either. Like you, give me a good chick flick or romantic comedy. Actually, we rarely go to the movies, maybe once a year!

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