When Your Son’s Closest Friend Grows Up and Lands on a TV Sitcom

What are the odds? What are the chances that someone you know- even someone incredibly talented – will actually become a working actor? And what are the chances that not only is this person a working actor, but he appears on a television sitcom, viewable from your couch every week? And what are the chances that this is a kid who grew up as a close friend of your son from the earliest of PRE-SCHOOL on through high school?

A new sitcom on TBS debuts tonight. It’s called Glory Daze and it looks really cute. It has lots of up and coming young actors in a fraternity-college theme set in the 1980’s. Yay, big hair and great dance music are back!

One of those up and coming young actors grew up with my son Brett. His name is Josh Brener. We carpooled, went to the same school together, and they were such good friends, they decided to have a Bar Mitzvah together with a Beatles theme – they both LOVED Beatles music. (this was in the 90’s in case you are wondering)

Josh was always a character, besides being very bright. I will never forget him as a four year old in my carpool when I said it must be great having two older brothers. Four year old Josh replied, “It’s obnoxious. They torture me constantly.”

I could not be prouder of Josh, and I actually predicted this, along with many others. From the time I saw him in his very first theatrical performance in middle school – I knew Josh was going places. I watched his natural talent in all of his performances and said to whoever would listen, “Josh is going to make it as an actor.”

For Josh, it was clear that he found his calling from that first show in middle school and Mr. D – the school theater director nurtured and highlighted Josh’s talent. In high school, he continued to shine. Since Josh was very bright too, he went to Harvard for college and became involved in the Hasty Pudding group there, becoming president. For two years in a row, Josh was featured in People Magazine with the Hasty Pudding award winners.

I said to anyone who would listen, “Yes, that Josh is going places.”

But then the dismal reality of moving to Hollywood and actually trying to make it in show business set in. Josh wrote screenplays, worked as a tutor, and went on lots of auditions.

A fraction of these kinds of talented kids with the big dream to make it in Hollywood actually get anywhere, but now Josh has his big break – a network sitcom.

He plays a nerdy pain-in-the-neck roommate to one of the leads. I have no doubt Josh will steal the show.

Good luck Josh, hope the show is a hit, and my predictions about you are all coming true, so I will go out on a limb here and say you will be the breakout star!

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